Wednesday, October 5, 2011

CleanSMARTS: The Stain Event

Although I love how professional they look, I rarely wear collared button down shirts because they require ironing and I just have too many things to do already. Thankfully, my man wears the wrinkle-free kind that don't require ironing, but I don't think those are available for ladies. (Editors note: they are, Banana Republic to the rescue!)

Basically, if I can't iron it with my hair straightener, it just doesn't get worn. By the way, hair straighteners are GREAT for ironing small details like ruffles, ribbons, short sleeves, collars, etc.

Anyway, last night I was breaking my own rule and slaving away at an actual ironing board and realized that an adorable ruffle front white button down I recently wore had ... gasp ... ring around the collar. Not good!

Fortunately, we just moved into a new apartment and the previous tenants left behind three huge bins full of high-quality cleaning supplies--including a product I had never tried before: Resolve Multi-Fabric. Based on the packaging, I guess this stuff is meant to be used for pet stains or wine spills on carpets, rugs, couches, or fabric chairs.

I figured my white shirt was probably on it's way to the donation bin soon so I didn't have much to lose...I just went for it. A few sprays of this magical solution and a few rubs with a white paper towel and that's it. Ring around the collar totally gone, like it was never there. And my shirt smelled nice and fresh--unlike when I use Tide Stain Stick which doesn't really work half the time and stinks to high heaven.

At this point, I was on a roll! I went through all the collared shirts and in the house that had even the slightest discoloration -- most of them worked with just the paper towel, but a few needed a little scrubbing (I used a nail brush that came with a manicure kit). The entire process took about 1 minute per shirt. It was literally AMAZING.

I highly recommend this stuff--and now am wondering what else I can use it for!

Editors note: Yeah, me too! What about yellow pit stains? 

- Risa Osbon-Escobar

During the day, Risa works as a marketing whiz. But she is significantly more famous for her love of chilidogs, relentless list-making, and role as party buddy. She has been told on multiple occasions that her positive outlook on life is borderline-annoying, and that her laugh is really loud.

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